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Therapeutic Aspects

Extra virgin olive oil is beneficial not only for its nutritional status, but also for its extraordinary healing properties in health. It has been awarded with the name "liquid gold" for the reason that extra virgin olive oil is considered half a food item and half medicine.

Extra virgin olive oil is a hallmark of the Mediterranean diet. It is the best fat for fried food, as it forms a consistent layer around it. With it, the food retains its juices and does not absorb more oil. Although it can reach high temperatures (180 ° C), it suffers the least alteration during heating so it can be reused more times than other oils. In addition vegetable oil contributes to an increased number of beneficial factors to our health.

Studies have shown that substitution of consumption of sunflower oil with olive oil for ten weeks reduced on average by 13% of blood cholesterol. Olive oil has great influence on the organism; Following is in detail the effects on the different systems.


- Decreases the secretion of gastric acidity.

- according to scientific studies, helps fight the bacteria Helicobacter Pylori, a bacterium responsible for stomach and duodenum ulcers.

- Decreases the secretory activity of the pancreas without affecting the   digestibility of food.

- Improves the emptying of the gallbladder, which prevents the formation of gallstones.

- Improves intestinal absorption of various nutrients, especially inorganic correcting diseases such as anemia (iron absorption enhancement).


- Causes a decrease in total blood cholesterol.

- Lowers LDL (bad).

- Increases levels of HDL (good).

- Stimulates the production of vasodilators.

- Decreases the capacity of oxidation of LDL cholesterol, preventing heart attacks by atheromatous plaque.

- Lowers blood pressure.


- Olive oil is a major impediment to cell oxidation, so it helps prevent many diseases and even premature aging.

- On people with diabetes: Improving the lipid profile of the patient

- Decreases blood glucose, leading to reduced daily doses of insulin.